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Come on in! The bunker is set, the beer is cold, and it's actually nicer in here.


Dec 23, 2019

Happy Holidays Doopers!! Have a special show on us!


What makes us love Star Wars? How did the original movie achieve what it did? What basic human feelings did Lucas tap into?


Nick and Chris take Star Wars: A New Hope through Joseph Campbell's Monomyth, and Christopher Vogler's Hero's Journey shedding some light on...

Dec 23, 2019

The original Star Wars Trilogy is broken down and covered with deep insights, fan theories and even cold hard statistics.  It's been bottled up and it comes spewing out right here and now.


On a side note, reading that title -- 'The Actual Star Wars Show' makes me feel like I am making the claim that this is a...

Dec 8, 2019

The gang is back with another installment of our real play Gamma World roleplaying session. A careful stalk of the heartless cybernetic crew responsible for wiping Meecho's homeland from existence leads to a crescendo when the crew briefly loses sight of the young Bundeez.

Nov 24, 2019

Drinking beer on porches and being chased by drones....

We're not sure what to say about this one. There's a nice Watchmen talk.

Nov 10, 2019

Meecho and Glume do what they do best, shoot like Stormtroopers. Nick and Chris roleplay another session of Gamma World and it was actually recorded this time.